Fascination with nature

Bark Cloth without any additives.

Exactly one cloth is created from the bark of a tree. The harvesting of the bark and the subsequent processing are carried out exclusively by hand. Only when we have trained hands can we offer you nature in perfection. For not everyone is master of the great art of tree peeling and the ancient, traditional knowledge of bark processing.

In contrast to most other natural-based solutions available on market, this so-called monomaterial does not contain binders, paints or other additives. On the production side, each square meter of Bark Cloth requires less than one liter of water and since it is produced exclusively with muscle power, its production is CO2 - neutral. No other textile has such a favorable balance.

We receive Bark Cloth mainly from Uganda (BARK CLOTH_tradition_0131) and occasionally in smaller quantities from Honduras (BARK CLOTH_tuno_0170).

BARK CLOTH-tradition_0131

BARK CLOTH_tradition_0131

The traditionally made Bark Cloth from Uganda. The mother of all garments. A cultural heritage of UNESCO.

A piece of Bark Cloth is exactly the harvest of a tree, and each one is unique. The color ranges...

BARK CLOTH_tuno_0170

BARK CLOTH_tuno_0170

Comes from the biosphere reserve of Rio Patuca at the border of Honduras and Nicaragua, the largest coherent tropical rainforest north of the Amazon.

It is fawn and of very strong texture. Traditionally, it is produced by members of the Miskito and...

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